Week 9: JavaScript and jQuery


Today we will be talking about how to program for the web using JavaScript. We will be covering most of the same programming topics we discussed with Processing including: variables, arrays, loops, if statements, functions and objects. These topics are basically the same for JavaScript, just using slightly different words. We will also be talking about a JavaScript framework called jQuery that makes it much easier to write code in JavaScript.

Suggested Reading: JavaScript and jQuery, by Jon Duckett

Lecture Slides

In Class Assignment / Homework

Create a simple abstract clock using JavaScript and jQuery. Try not to use numbers but rather look at changing the appearance of HTML elements; look at using simple shapes, type, images and changing their size, color, location, opacity, rotation, etc.


  • Create a function to display the time.
  • Use the Date object to get the current time.
  • Use setInterval(displayTimeFunction, 1000) to update the time function every second.


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Stewart Smith
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