Helpful Links

Sourcing Data
Google Trends
Google Correlate
City of New York
United States Census
United States Data
United States Department of Transportation
Bureau of Economic Analysis
World Bank Data
UN Data
UN Human Development
Baseball Reference
Enigma Open Database
CitiBike Data
The Gaurdian Datablog
Google Flu Trends
Quartz Atlas
100+ Interesting Data Sets
Information is Beautiful
Kimono Labs – Application (Mac), Application (PC) and Chrome Extension

Data Collection
OpenPaths – Track Your Location
Daytum – Online Diary
Reporter App – Mobile App Diary
Survey Monkey – Survey Service
Google Forms – Custom Questionnaire
Moves App – Track Your Location and Movement
Floodwatch – Track Ads Served to You
RescueTime – Tracks everything you do on your computer.
Moment App – Tracks how much you use your iPhone.
Automatic – Tracks your driving habits ($100 for device).
QualityTime – App like RescueTime (Android).
iMood Journal – Keep track of your mood (Android and iPhone Apps).
Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach – Tracks number of steps and calories burned (Android)
Data Selfie Chrome Extension

Scrubbing Data
Sublime Text Edit
Open Refine

R Studio

Data Visualization
Adobe Illustrator


Interactive Data Viz
Google Charts API
Tableau Public

Data Visualization Competitions
UN Unite Ideas

UN Human Development Report
Transportation and Policy
MEU Design Award ($5000 in Cash Prizes)

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